Secure and Harden Kubernetes, AKS and EKS Cluster with kube-bench, kube-hunter and CIS Benchmarks

Security is a concern that never fades away! And Kubernetes is no exception.

Is security a concern in Kubernetes?

Well, yes and no. No, because it doesn’t come with the most secure environment by default. Yes, since configuring or clusters with the CIS Benchmarks and 3-party tools can be hardened and secured.

What are the best security best practices for K8s?

➤ Use kube-bench for testing cluster

➤ Keep Kubernetes up to date

➤ Make sure you’re using namespace

➤ Have regular security reviews and much more…

What are CIS Benchmarks?

Center for Internet Security (CIS) lays down guidelines and benchmarks for secure software development and maintenance. It also provides guidelines for Kubernetes, and kube-bench implements these benchmarks to scan a cluster.

What is kube-bench? Kube Bench is an open-source Go application that runs the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark and tests a K8s cluster to ensure that it meets the CIS guidelines for security.

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